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Are you looking for a pet pig who will stay the size of a teacup?

Good! You've come to the right site! I can't give you one, and neither can anyone else anywhere in the world, but at least I can tell you what size the smallest pigs really are, and show you what they look like when fully grown. I can sell you a beautiful piglet who will grow into an adult who is bulldog size, and that is the smallest that you can get anywhere in the world.

Look at our page 'Miniature Teacup Pigs' for more information.


24th February 2019

We had 5 new piggies today. 

 We can email or send whatsapps with more photos and a small video to you.


5th March 2018

We had our first piglets of the year today! Photos to follow as technical problem at present.


28th July 2017: Piglets 

We had new piglets today! Here's a photo of one freshly out and still in her wrapping!

(They are born with a fine, silvery film over them that peels off as it dries.)


18th May 2017 : Piglets

We have just had our first piglets of the year!

It's very exciting!
We have one spotty girl and boy and several black girls and boys who will be ready to go to their new families at 3 weeks for hand-rearing, otherwise at 5 weeks.
See our Teacup Piglets for Sale page for photos of the mums and piglets.

Free E-book on this website now!

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Other E-books in the Series

For other books in the teacup pig series look at our page 'Teacup Pig E-books for sale'.
For reviews of all of the books and excerpts check out our page 'Teacup Piog Book Reviews'

Babies grow into adults

                                                    Pumpkin at 4 months old                                    Pumpkin about two years old
Adult pigs (fully grown at 4 years) do not look like piglets, just as adult humans don't look like babies - even if they are dwarf humans! 
Here are two photos of my own beloved piggy Pumpkin when she was 4 months old and at nearly 2 years old. Today, years later, I still love her as much as when she was young. 
Before you buy a pet pig find out whether he or she is the right pet for you and you are the right family for him or her!

To see what adult miniature 'teacup' pigs look like then look at our page 'Miniature Teacup Pigs' and at our      free e-book


To find out more about miniature 'teacup' pigs then look at our page ' Teacup Pig Books' for excerpts. 


To find out about the fraud that is rife in the miniature 'teacup' pig 'business' look at our page 'teacup pig fraud' 

(Please note that I have not yet added this page but soon will.)

My 6 e-books about Teacup Pigs
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