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First piglets of the year born 16th May 2017

22/05/2017 16:30
Our first babies of the year were born 16th May 2017 on a freezing cold night. It's just turning winter and here in the mountains it gets VERY cold at night. It is a huge task keeping our mums and babies warm enough.

Pig houses celtic style!

25/01/2017 14:28
Pig Houses Celtic Round - house style! We are busy building our pigs round houses made with natural material from our farm. We are copying the typical round house made by the ancient Celts of western UK and Ireland.   We've got as far as the roof stage of our first big...

Piglets available

10/08/2016 10:40
August 2016 Our next piglets are due in October 2016. We do still have some older piglets from 8 months and older. Please phone for details.

Website launched

07/08/2015 20:22
Our new website has been launched today.  

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