Miniature 'Teacup' Pigs

Some of our pigs going for a walk in the african bush

What size are fully grown miniature teacup pig adults?

Dad Roger behind his 3 sons - two 8 months old and the front one 3 months old

Miniature 'teacup' pigs take 4 years to reach their full size. 


Our pigs at this age are english bulldog size - about 35 to 50cm high. 







If you think that that is much bigger than what you had in mind, then please read on...

You do not get pet pigs smaller than this anywhere in the world. 


All the fancy names - teacup pigs, tea cup pigs (south african spelling!), micro pigs, nano pigs, pocket pigs, miniature pigs, miniature potbellied pigs, Juliana pigs, Royal Dandy pigs, and other exotic names, are all just brand names given by breeders to market their pigs. They're all just miniature potbellied pigs that have been selected for small size, and are not specific breeds. (And yes, they all are potbellied pigs as their tummies get huge when they are fat, and if their legs are very short, can even touch the ground! If they aren't fat then they don't have potbellies.)


And none of them are smaller than bulldog size.


Sizes of miniature pigs outside of South Africa 


The 'teacup pigs' of Pennywell farm in England grow to springer spaniel size (about labrador size).


The 'micro pigs' in England 'knee-height' or the size of labradors.


The smallest Kunekunes of New Zealand and England are 50cm or below.


The americans also don't have pigs much smaller than knee-height. (look at rescue sites and pig societies for data - I haven't found an american breeder's site yet that is honest and shows photos of fully grown adults 4 years and older.)


Those who say that they have fully mature adults (4yrs old) that are the size of jack russels, or house cats, or even smaller (yes- 16cm) are talking nonsense! There are no such pigs.  


The smallest pigs in the world are wild pygmy hogs in Asia and are supposedly 25 to 35 cm high.