Teacup Piglets for sale

Born 20th May 2019

Here are photos of our 3 little boys at 8 days. They are so tiny that we were forced to hand-rear them. From left to right: Oliver, Red and the little black boy ET.


24th February 2019

We have new piglets again!
Please email or whatsapp us (to 0815347122) for more photos and a short video. 


5th March 2018

Our first piglets of the year have arrived!
Sorry photos will follow when a technical problem has been sorted out.We can email or whatsapp photos to you.


28th July 2017

Spotty and black piglets (one with white socks)

21st August 2017: 2 little black boys (one with white socks) ready to go to their new families

18th and 28th May 2017 

 Our first piglets of the year!

21st August 2017: There are still two girls (one hand-reared) and 4 boys looking for families. Their suitcases are packed!                               

3 of the boys are castrated and are half-price! 

We have one spotty girl and boy and several black girls and boys who will be ready to go to their new families at 3 weeks for hand-rearing, otherwise at 5 weeks.
Here are a few photos of mums and piglets in May 2017.
Our piggies and cats get on very well - even the day that piglets are born!  (Photos above and below.)
Our present mums are 2 1/2 to 3 years old and very small. 


Nov 2016 Piglets 

2 castrated boys still available 12th May 2017

Photos of them when tiny                           
A spotty girl and black one who were sisters of our two black boys left.This was our first litter since January 2016, born 5th November 2016 



Previous litters

We had gorgeous piglets born 2nd & 10th May 2014. Here are a few of them at about 8 weeks.