Teacup Pig Book Reviews

Review of the six e-books in our Teacup pig series

Book 1

Teacup Pigs in the Home and in the Wild


Get a unique insight into the nature of these little pigs in Nature! Understand them and their needs and make your miniature ‘teacup’ pig a happy and loving member of your family. 

See why miniature pigs are charming pets, and ideal for town houses with some garden. 

Find out what 'teacup', 'micro', 'nano', 'pocket', and  'potbelly' pigs are.

Learn what and where the smallest pigs in the world are. 

See how to tell the difference between piglets and adults.

Hear how you can find honest breeders.


Book 2

Getting a Teacup Piglet


Everything you need to know about choosing a piglet and making her a part of your family and home: Girl or boy? How to tell the difference; Best age for you and your piglet? How to hold her, and the journey home; Making arrangements in your home for her – including how to make a play pen; Toilet training; Introducing her to other pets; What to feed her, with detail on how, what and when to bottle-feed babies.


Book 3

Pig Talk


Learn a new language! What is your pig telling you with her sounds and body language? If she approaches you sideways, chomping on her teeth, should you worry? (Yes – run!) What if she runs at you roaring “hoar, hoar”? (No – she is looking for love, not war!) Understand her programming. Press one ‘button’ and she will attack you: press another and she will flip over on her side in ecstasy! Learn about psychic communication, and how to teach your pig.


Book 4

Pig Aggression


If you haven’t thought about pig aggression before, you will after seeing this book’s cover! (No pig was hurt in the making of it – no really!) This book is a must-read to understand, and avoid, the causes of aggression in pet pigs. They are normally placid and peaceful, but have natural triggers that cause them to react aggressively, without thinking. Find out what they are! If they are triggered too often they can become abnormally aggressive all the time.


Book 5

Food and Health


The teacup pig fallacy exposed: you can’t make pigs grow bigger than they are genetically programmed to be by feeding them too much or the wrong sort of food – unless it contains growth hormones. (Most commercial pig foods do.) Some breeders are starving their pigs and piglets to keep them smaller. Learn what healthy pigs should look like, what they should eat, and what other health care they need, like de-worming. A few health problems are covered, such as Dippity-pig syndrome, and piglet illnesses.


Book 6

The Ins and Outs of Breeding


“But I’m not going to breed!” you might say. 

If you have a male and female teacup piglet they can mate at 12 weeks of age, and you can get babies. Babies can make babies! So family planning is vital – especially for the baby sow’s health. Find out when it’s safe for a young sow to have babies, and what you need to know and do about her heats, pregnancy, and giving birth. Serious breeders can find out the best way to selectively breed.

If you don’t have a piglet yet, you’ll be buying one from a breeder – so be wise as to how he or she is breeding! You should in any case get book 6 of the Teacup Pig Series to complete the set and your knowledge of these little pigs!