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The Teacup Pig Series 

6 e-books written by me (Susan Spencer) and available from us directly

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Do you know about a pig's 'attack button' or 'sleep button'? Or that a male can use chemical warfare like a skunk, if his life is threatened? Or what causes pigs to become abnormally aggressive? Or that babies can make babies at 12 weeks old? Or that pigs don't usually mark their territory with urine as dogs do? Or....well the books are just full of amazing things about them that you wouldn't have even thought about! There’s also everything I’ve learnt about them as pets, and in the wild, for nearly twenty years. 

What are the e-books all about?

The Teacup Pig series, in six parts, is a complete illustrated guide for owners and breeders of pet pigs, and is illustrated with so many beautiful colour photos that it's almost a comic book! People not intending to get a pet pig will still love looking at all the photos! (People intending to get a piglet might change their minds after seeing the cover photo of book 4, which is the stuff of nightmares!)


Everything about miniature pet pigs is explained, including what 'teacup', 'tea cup' (south african spelling!) 'micro', 'nano', 'pocket', 'mini', 'potbelly' or 'potbellied' pigs are; their size; what they are like in the wild and as pets; where to find honest breeders and avoid fraudsters; how to choose and rear piglets; how to introduce them to other pets and teach toilet manners; what their needs are to be happy; causes and remedies of behavioural problems; understanding pig 'language'; communicating and training; food and health; and breeding these little pigs.


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Some excerpts from the books:-

From book 6: the Ins and Outs of Breeding!

Liefie planning a family with young males! We planned ahead with a fence…

…but you can always dream!

Miniature pigs can breed almost as quickly as cats! They are sexually mature at 12 weeks, can have babies at 7 months, and every 4 months (3 months, 3 weeks and 3 days to be exact) thereafter. And they can have up to 10 piglets at a time!

That means that you should plan ahead when you want to have piglets and make sure that you have a market for them.

By ‘plan ahead’ I mean, of course, that you should keep your female separate from your male until you want piglets 4 months later.

What will you do with piglets who you can’t sell?

Babies can breed babies!

A four month old piglet practices some manoeuvres on his dad!

Because these piggies are sexually mature so early, you need to make sure that your female is not mated until she is big enough to have babies.

If the females have not grown big enough fast enough (which is usually the case if they have been taken from their mums before 16 weeks) then they are not big enough to have piglets normally at 7 months of age, and will need a caesarean section.

They can die as a result of the operation.  

From book 4: ‘Pig AGGRESSION’…In the wild

Pigs are by nature very happy, peace-loving creatures. They love food and comfort and their families. I’ve watched my miniature pigs in the African bush for 20 years, and that’s what they’re like. They’re the hobbits of the wild!

Normal aggression: Like all other animals, pigs are programmed to be aggressive in certain circumstances. The three main reasons are: to protect their young from predators; to sort out their hierarchy with newcomers; and when youngsters practice fighting.

A sow charges someone killing her neighbour’s piglets - well actually only holding them, but they screamed blue murder!